Mike Business development

Hi, I`m Mike. 2009 I started my first IT company. I put together a small team (25 people). For almost a decade we were working as sub-contractors for top tire IT and tech. consulting companies as HP, Capgemini, Ness, EY, and others. During this period we hired big amount of IT professionals for us and for our customers.

2013 I started my first startup named Device Selector.  It was an AI-powered shopping assistant helping people to choose the right appliance (laptop, smartphone), based on simple human-understandable questions.  We had a great business model, but we failed on execution and lack of venture capital.

That is why in 2015 I established an early-stage startup studio named Flemio. I personally invested, financed, and participated in 8 different startups – legal-tech, prop-tech, SaaS, etc. Thanks to Flemio, I understood the need for a specialized HR agency reflecting the needs of startup founders. Great teams and people with the right mentality are key essences to success for so many startup projects.

So here we are now. Let me introduce you new hybrid HR agency named Talenta. We help startups with scouting, recruiting, headhunting, and occasionally payroll management. I believe startup founders will find our services useful mainly in hiring and onboarding top talented professionals. I`m convinced founders will also love our pricing strategy.

I`ll be more than happy if you will contact me with a job description for your project. You can do it online here, by email, or on any other channel you like.

If you are a non-technical co-founder and do not know how to create a job description – feel free to schedule a call with me. As far as I served as startup CTO, I`m qualified to assist you with technical requirements and advise you with selection criteria as well as pricing for your new hire.