Mark Recruiting

Hi, I`m Marek.

I`m happy to be a part of Talenta. We are a great team working together for more than a decade. Previously each of us was managing our own company. I was responsible for our hi-tech Visual effects studio. I had a chance to lead a team of passionate artists, producers, and pipeline developers. Thanks to a hi-tech pipeline we are able to deliver stunning VFX for films, animations, commercials, and games. We’ve honed our skills in compositing, matte painting, matchmaking, and rotoscoping 1,000s of shots, on more than 30 feature films (including Oscar nominees) and 100s of commercials (BMW, Nike, Orange, etc.). During this period of my career, I personally interviewed, hired, and managed hundreds of our employees.

At Talenta I analyze, evaluate and process the CVs of candidates. So maybe you will meet me during your interview. Feel free to submit your CV through this link.