New hybrid HR agency helping founders to build their dream teams.

You fundraised more than $1 mil. and don`t have your own HR?
You definitely want to talk to us.

Hiring first employees for a start-up project can be hard. Really hard if you have no previous HR experience. Do you? 

Why to work with TALENTA?

We are IT professionals hiring talented IT professionals and we have previouse


At Talenta we understand how important is to hire the right people with the right mentality. Do you understand how much time and energy it will take you to do it yourself? 

Our mission is to solve the HR problem of the majority of startup founders. Usually, they have dozens of issues to solve, at the same time. Anyway, they need to put together a top team otherwise their project struggle.

 See why TALENTA is the right HR partner for every early-stage startup.

Why to choose TALENTA as HR partner for my startup?

We are transparent – We systematically build a network of IT professionals – We have own startup experience – We are 10 years in HR – Our business model fits every startup budget – There is no risk on your end

Success fee only

You pay only if we deliver results. We even DO NOT charge 15-35% year salary of new hire as other HR agencie.

Light-weight fees

We charge flat fee €3/hour only when our candidate works for you. So we can fit in to your startup budget.

No risk of bad choice

If you are not happy with our candidate, the risk of bad choice is on our end + you can quit anytime

No Outsourcing
No 3rd party contractors

We believe every startup founder needs a direct relationship with the core team. Contract external “offshore IT professionals”, or outsourcing whole software development does not make sense for the early-stage startup, because you need:

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What can you get?

We focus on IT guys. We prefer remote or hybrid - half remote roles. Employment or at least 3-6 months initial contracts with renewals. English as communication language.

Head of engeneering

Frontend developers

FullStack developers

CTO / Interim CTO

Solutions architect

Head of engeneering


    We try to understand your project, identify your needs, learn your requirements for your new hire.


    You receive a link to sign online a framework agreement. No fees, just a few basic rules.

  • UP TO 10 DAYS

    First calls with an initial set of candidates. Then we go according to your acceptance procedure whatever it takes.


    You decide if you accept candidates freely. Our business model eliminates the risk of your bad choice.


    In case of success, we charge a success fee. €3/hour monthly based you can quit anytime

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We understand the needs of early stage founders because each of us had previously his own startup. Check us out.


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