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Talenta is a group of software engineers, business consultants, and CTOs.

Talenta is EU based IT consulting and sourcing company. For more than a decade, we’ve delivered top innovations to leading project-oriented customers, start-ups, and international research teams. Usually, one or more of our teams become an integral part of customers’ staff for a limited period of time or per project.

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At Talenta we love win-win deals. If you need to deliver tech. innovation, have understaffed projects, or if you are an EU start-up looking for experienced professionals

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We build long-term relationships with top Talented IT freelancers for more than a decade. That is why we can provide professionals not available on the regular workforce market.

With Talenta, you do not need to pay the old fashioned way, 15-35% annual salary commission. Instead, you only pay – per hour success fee (starting from 3 euro/hour) only during the duration of the contract. We are not a man in the middle (until you wish so) – so with our preferred business model hired professionals are under your management. Excellent companies prefer this staffing strategy because they can better motivate freelancers, pay cheaper onboarding fees and attract top talented professionals for their projects.

If you are a start-up we can advise you with the selection of the best fitting technology, and staff your team with ideal candidates.


We are hiring top software professionals for more than a decade. Join us as a freelancer or a candidate for the best (mainly remote) placements.
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